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God is looking for worshipers… And as his church, we are called to bless and exalt him all the days of our lives. Therefore, at every meeting, we worship him with all our hearts and praise him with all our might!


John 4:23.

Ministry of PRODUCTION

Our talents put at the service of the technical area, where we always seek to serve with excellence in different areas such as sound, multimedia  and live transmission. We are also supporting the ministry of praise and worship.


Matthew 25:15.


We strive to bring our guests and recent converts closer to the work of the Lord, fostering atmospheres of fellowship and friendship. We are also attentive to your spiritual and basic needs. 

NLKIDS Children's Ministry

Our calling is to educate children through the word of God, so that they know the story of Christ. Not only on a cognitive level but also that they can experience a personal and spiritual relationship with Him through faith.


Matthew 19:14.